12 Takes - Shorts

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How do artists confront the unknown? What inspires them? 12 BC artists share their takes with filmmakers John Bolton, Jenn Strom, Kevin Eastwood, Blaine Thurier, Katrin Bowen, Kenneth Sherman, and Jesse Savath in this Knowledge commission.

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Set Reminder
605 Collective

Dance Company

Duration: 2:19
Anne Wheeler

Writer / Director / Producer

Duration: 1:59
Carl Newman

Rock Musician

Duration: 2:20
David Burdeny


Duration: 2:14
Douglas Coupland

Pop Artist

Duration: 2:45
National Broadcast Orchestra

Classical Musicians

Duration: 2:15
Nick Bantock

Author / Artist

Duration: 2:43
Noam Gagnon

Dancer / Choreographer

Duration: 2:42
Omer Arbel

Architect / Designer

Duration: 2:10
Organelle Design

Design Studio

Duration: 1:49
Reece Terris


Duration: 2:22
Roy Henry Vickers


Duration: 1:24
Shane Koyczan

Spoken Word Artist

Duration: 2:12

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