Architects of Change II

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They are farmers, chemists, architects, doctors, retailers and bankers. They are also "architects of change" - people searching for and applying innovative solutions to the dangers that threaten our future. Far from being ecological or political militants, they are above all entrepreneurs who believe in creative capitalism to boost social, economic and environmental wealth. Meet them in the new season of Architects of Change.

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The Wages of Hope

Three architects of change are creating employment and business opportunities for impoverished workers who wish to escape the never-ending cycle of poverty. (1 of 10)

Water: Resource and Challenge

In developed countries, we protect our water supply by treating our sewage, but in developing countries drinking water is often a luxury. Meet three architects of change who are working to improve the quality of water fit for human consumption. (...

Energy For Change

Our current lifestyle choices are dependent on energy resources extracted from our planet. The architects of change are advocating renewable and non-renewable resources to meet the needs of mankind. (3 of 10)

A Trip For A Change

Three architects of change are tackling tourism responsibly and in harmony with people and the environment, which benefit visitors and their hosts alike. (4 of 10)

Changing Towns

The frenzied urbanization that has defined recent decades has triggered a number of social and ecological problems worldwide. Meet the architects of change who've succeeded in changing the face of urban life. (5 of 10)

Reinventing That

Decades of "rural flight" have resulted in a rise of city dwellers and has contributed to the creation of shantytowns. Meet the architects of change who are looking for solutions that adapt to the inhabitants' needs. (6 of 10)

Culture As A Resource For...

Millions of children and young people suffer from afflictions such as poverty, illiteracy and violence. Three architects of change are working to provide them with resources for their development and independence. (7 of 10)

Towards the Sustainable...

It is estimated that over three-quarters of virgin forests have already disappeared. Three architects of change are finding new sustainable methods of forest exploitation and management, as well as educating people about the importance of its...

Women's Hope

Women in many countries are being exploited and deprived of their human rights. Due to the efforts of the architects of change, many of these women are managing to rebuild their lives. (9 of 10)

Rebuilding With Our Own Hands

Three architects of change are helping individuals rebuild that which has been destroyed by disaster and strife. (10 of 10)

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