For King and Country

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Military historian Norm Christie takes us into the battlefields of World War II - on land, at sea and in the air. Revisiting the exploits of a generation just now passing into history, each episode examines key Canadian campaigns and how these marked major turning points in the war. Mixing archival footage, photographs, artwork and actuality, this series will create a sense of what it was really like to fight "for King and Country".

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Passing the Torch: Canadians...

Historian Norm Christie leads us through the sites of the struggles of WWII, and to the memorials and cemeteries of this bloody war. (1 of 6)

Hour of Darkness: Canadians...

Amidst the hills and forests, Norm unearths pillboxes, bunkers, and shell fragments - the rubble of a desperate past: the battle for Hong Kong. (2 of 6)

The Forgotten Army: Canadians...

Norm takes us to the beaches of Sicily where 25,000 Canadian soldiers land, and follows the Canadians as they battle their way north, in what becomes "the forgotten campaign." (3 of 6)

The Forgotten Army: Canadians...

By December of 1943, Canadian forces in Italy helped topple Mussolini's Fascist Regime, liberated dozens of Italian towns, and immobilized some of Nazi Germany's best troops. (4 of 6)

Battlefields of Normandy:...

Norm guides us through the Battle of Normandy, more than two months of bitter fighting that end with the virtual destruction of the German Armies in France, on August 20, 1944. (5 of 6)

The Path to Victory: The...

Norm takes us to the Channel Ports, to Ghent and Antwerp, as the Canadians struggle along the coast - and as they fight to open up the Scheldt Estuary, freeing Antwerp. (6 of 6)

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