In Korea with Norm Christie

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Follow war historian Norm Christie and a group of Canadian veterans as they retrace their footsteps to rarely visited places, depicting what really happened during the Korean War. From the icy heights of Kapyong in South Korea, to the rugged island of Koje-do, we also meet locals who remember the war, and others who are still affected by the war's reverberations. Audiences are taken on a riveting, dramatic journey that reveals untold stories of violent times during the war.

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Blood on the Hills

Historian Norm Christie traces the origins of the Cold War and its influence on the outbreak of the Korean War. He details the arrival of the Canadian soldiers and, with veteran Dave Crook, explores the remarkable Canadian defense of Kap'yong and...

Strange Battleground

Ed Mastronardi describes the Chinese attack on his outpost in the Songok Spur, and veteran Georges Ferris travels with Norm deep into the demilitarized zone to examine the heroic four-day battle in defense of Hill 355. (2 of 3)

A War of Patrols

In this final episode, our host details the war's descent into stalemate. Norm, along with veteran Terry Meagher, revisits the location of Canada's final major action of the war - the defense of Hill 187 in May 1953. (3 of 3)

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