Kratts' Creatures

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If you've ever wondered what it's like to be an animal, here's your chance to find out. Martin and Chris Kratt, two creature-crazy brothers, are travelling the world to learn about fascinating animals in their natural habitats. From the lush rain forests of Costa Rica to the dusty plains of Africa, the Kratt brothers introduce an array of wonderful and wild animals. Find out what it's like to hang upside down with sloths, swing on branches with monkeys, paddle with sea turtles, and many other adventures!

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Thursday April 17, 3:30am
The Why Show

Why do animals play? Why do they fight? Why do they live in groups, and why are baby animals so darn cute?

Friday April 18, 3:30am
The How Show

Chris and Martin answer questions like: How do squirrels fly? How does a snake eat something larger than its mouth?

Tuesday April 22, 3:30am
The Who's Who Show

Today, the brothers explore creature relationships, looking at who is related to whom and why the creature world is all interrelated.

Wednesday April 23, 3:30am
The When Show

The brothers ponder the curiosities of time in the creature world. How do they know when it's time to eat? To sleep? And to mate?

Thursday April 24, 3:30am
Arribada I: The Sea Turtle...

In Costa Rica, Chris and Martin anticipate the arrival of egg-laying sea turtles on Nancite Beach.

Friday April 25, 3:30am
Arribada II: Running the...

In Costa Rica, Chris and Martin reveal the dangerous predators who dig up and eat turtle eggs left to hatch on the beach.

Tuesday April 29, 3:30am
Rain Forests Under the Canopy

Chris and Martin make like sloths and hang from the trees in one of the world's great wonders - the Costa Rican rainforest.

Wednesday April 30, 3:30am
Hanging With the Monkeys

Meet the monkeys of Costa Rica - spider monkeys, squirrel monkeys, pygmy marmosets, capuchins and the howler monkey.

Thursday May 1, 3:30am
Creatures of the Night

In Australia, Chris and Martin check out creatures of the night, focusing on bats, possums, flying foxes, and, of course, the kangaroo.

Friday May 2, 3:30am
Polyp Power

Diving Australia's Great Barrier Reef, Chris and Martin discover the abundance of life and the reef's incredible natural architecture.

Tuesday May 6, 3:30am
Parched and Thirsty in the...

In the outback of Oz, Chris and Martin discover how animals use innovation to survive where water is scarce.

Wednesday May 7, 3:30am
Koalas and Wombats

While trying to find one another, Chris finds himself in a tree with a koala, and Martin steps into a wombat burrow.

Thursday May 8, 3:30am
The Where Show

While some animals, like coyotes, are expanding their range, others, like wolves, are losing theirs.

Friday May 9, 3:30am
Kickboxing Kangaroos

Chris and Martin look at the history and behaviour of Australian marsupials.

Tuesday May 13, 3:30am
Weird Creatures

Chris and Martin follow the habits and histories of egg-laying mammals such as the platypus and the echidna.

Wednesday May 14, 3:30am
The Search for the Real...

Chris and Martin search for the Tasmanian tiger, last seen in 1936, and find Tasmanian Devils.

Thursday May 15, 3:30am
Australia: Land of Mystery...

Chris and Martin explore feral and trespassing animals in Australia.

Friday May 16, 3:30am
Around Australia in Eight Days

The brothers' Kratt travel across Australia in eight days.

Tuesday May 20, 3:30am
The Cow Show

The Kratts take a trip down the Crystal River in the Florida Everglades and discover the shy and gentle manatee.

Wednesday May 21, 3:30am

Chris and Martin try to dispel the myth of alligators as natural killers, and emphasize the ability of all the earth's creatures to coexist.

Thursday May 22, 3:30am
The Leopard: Prince of Stealth

In Kenya and South Africa, the brothers sleep in trees and hide in the bush to examine the wildlife.

Friday May 23, 3:30am
Running With the Wild Dogs

Chris and Martin join Gus Mills on a search for the wild dogs of Africa, tracking them by radio collar and radio frequency.

Tuesday May 27, 3:30am
The Best of the Best

Chris and Martin reveal the world's fastest, biggest, and longest animals.

Wednesday May 28, 3:30am

In Kenya, the brothers look for hyenas, unique and often-misunderstood animals.

Thursday May 29, 3:30am
Mgobo of Baboon Mountain

Chris and Martin learn about the resourcefulness of baboons on the African Savanna.

Friday May 30, 3:30am
Lion, King of the Beasts?

The brothers explore the myth of the lion as king of beasts, and follow the daily routine of a pride of lions.

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