Our First Voices - Shorts

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Celebrates thirteen BC First Nations languages and a drive to preserve them for future generations. Directed by Lisa Jackson, Zoe Leigh Hopkins, Helen Haig-Brown, Kelvin Redvers. Produced by Marilyn Thomas and Catrina Longmuir and executive producer Sharon Bliss, Bliss Pictures. Commissioned by Knowledge.

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Duration: 2:45
City Speaks
Duration: 1:45
Earl Smith
Duration: 3:15
Duration: 2:45
Duration: 1:34
Math Class
Duration: 1:45
Mom n' Me
Duration: 3:16
Sisters Sam
Duration: 2:05
Duration: 2:39
Spelling Bee
Duration: 3:51
Sylix Song
Duration: 1:47
Duration: 1:55
Duration: 2:15

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