Popular Mechanics for Kids

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How do they build that? How does that work? If you've ever asked questions like these, this series is for you! Whether it's blasting off into space, embarking on an underwater journey or discovering the secrets of special effects in the movie business, Popular Mechanics for Kids reveals the mysteries of how things are built or how they operate. From roller coasters to robots, this series will satisfy your curiosity.

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Set Reminder
Friday April 18, 3:00am
Ticket to Ride

PMK travels to Universal Studio's Islands of Adventure in Florida and discovers what makes this giant theme park tick.

Tuesday April 22, 3:00am
Amazing Sea Creatures

Tyler dives with dolphins off the Florida coast, then helps the doctors at Sea World nurse sick turtles and manatees back to health. Vanessa visits humpback whales off the coast of Newfoundland.

Wednesday April 23, 3:00am
Dirty Work

Vanessa searches through the New York City garbage dump and visits a fish-gutting factory. Tyler takes a romp with rhinos to see if he's got what it takes to be a zookeeper.

Thursday April 24, 3:00am
Slither and Slime

Vanessa finds out about the largest species of octopus in the world, Elisha watches as a frozen frog gets a new lease on life, and Tyler worms his way onto a special farm.

Friday April 25, 3:00am
Body Mechanics

Elisha takes a break dancing lesson, Vanessa learns how to fix broken bones, and Tyler joins a team of doctors tuning up super athletes for a triathlon race.

Tuesday April 29, 3:00am

Tyler hunts down the ghosts haunting the USS Hornet ship. Vanessa is made up as a zombie and tries to scare the kids at the Thrillvania theme park in Texas.

Wednesday April 30, 3:00am
Super Bikes

Vanessa finds out if she's got the right stuff to be a motorcycle daredevil. Tyler tests his driving skills when he takes the Slide Machine for a spin.

Thursday May 1, 3:00am
Freak Flyers

Elisha gets behind the wheel of an airborne blimp. Tyler masters the art of paragliding and then catches up with the Elite pilot team at Edwards Air Force base.

Friday May 2, 3:00am
Greatest Hits 3

A greatest hits show featuring the best of the best with a return of some of our most awesome adventures of the season.

Tuesday May 6, 3:00am
Pirates and Gold

Tyler dives down to the ocean floor in a search for treasure. He then goes sword-to-sword with a team of real life swashbuckling pros. Elisha turns ordinary rock into pieces of gold.

Wednesday May 7, 3:00am

Vanessa finds out how Hollywood creates those magical winter snow scenes for the movies. Elisha gets the rink ready for a big hockey game. Tyler goes inside NASA's ice tunnel.

Thursday May 8, 3:00am
Fun in the Desert

Vanessa checks out the newest sports craze as she shimmies up and down a sand dune on a sand board. She also joins a snake hunting expedition and captures a few of the slithering critters.

Friday May 9, 3:00am

Elisha gets a family of crash test dummies ready for a dangerous crash test. Tyler gets in the action at an armoured car factory.

Tuesday May 13, 3:00am
Down Below

Elisha strikes gold more than a mile under the earth, and Tyler becomes an aquanaut for a day.

Wednesday May 14, 3:00am
Navy Seals

Tyler gets to climb into the combat training tank and swim with the Navy Seals as they trade scuba gear underwater.

Thursday May 15, 3:00am
Killer Creatures

Tyler hangs out with the deadly Komodo dragon. Vanessa journeys north to have a look at polar bears.

Friday May 16, 3:00am
Real Life Science Fiction

Vanessa joins the creative team of SPAWN and learns how to put a comic book together. Tyler visits NASA's Deep Space Network.

Tuesday May 20, 3:00am
Greatest Hits 4

Yet another of our best adventures on Popular Mechanics for Kids.

Wednesday May 21, 3:00am
Space Station

Vanessa gets a lesson in virtual reality in the NASA lab. Tyler gets to test his skills in a new space age lifeboat.

Thursday May 22, 3:00am

Tyler travels to Niagara Falls to see how the massive falls keeps electricity flowing. Elisha shoots the rocky rapids in a very high-tech raft.

Friday May 23, 3:00am
X-Treme Rides

Tyler takes to the skies in a powered parachute plane and then plays Street Luge. Vanessa receives a kite skiing lesson in Oregon. Charlie builds an extreme ride using cables, pullies, and two trees!

Tuesday May 27, 3:00am
Fighting Disaster

Vanessa travels to Oregon to create a real landslide and then down to the coast of Los Angeles where she trains with the Collapse Rescue Team. Tyler gets a chance to see how real life disasters are dealt with.

Wednesday May 28, 3:00am

Vanessa catches up with Dean Gunnerson, one of the most famous escape artists in the world, while Tyler visits a cockpit of an underwater helicopter. Charlie shares a few tips on the art of escape.

Thursday May 29, 3:00am

PMK goes behind-the-scenes at the world-renowned Strathcona Mounted Troop, the only non-British Cavalry Unit in history to mount the Queen's Life Guard at Buckingham Palace.

Friday May 30, 3:00am
In Deep Water

Tyler operates a remote-control vehicle at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute in California. Charlie makes tracks in a swimming pool, showing us ways to increase buoyancy.

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