Snapshot: The Art of Photography II

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Back for a second season, this six-part series turns the camera on the shooter to explore the creative process and lifestyles of six talented photographers: Fred Herzog, Lincoln Clarkes, Lana Slezic, Michael Levin, Barbara Cole and Adam Makarenko. Along with following the photographers at work on location and in-studio, the series visits photographic exhibitions, galleries and events to gather perspective from collectors, critics, curators and fans.

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Fred Herzog

Fred Herzog's photographs capture the city of Vancouver and its day-to-day life in vivid historical detail.

Lincoln Clarkes

Lincoln has been documenting life and death for over three decades and continues to find powerful imagery in the daily lives of his subjects.

Lana Slezic

Lana is a documentary photographer who covers various issues and stories in Europe and the Middle East. Her work includes stunning portraits of Afghan women.

Michael Levin

Michael shoots outstanding black and white photographs from all over the Pacific Rim and has become one of Canada's top-selling photo artists.

Barbara Cole

Toronto-based photographer Barbara Cole captures the spirit and beauty of her subjects while they are immersed and moving in water.

Adam Makarenko

Adam constructs each photograph as a diorama. He painstakingly builds entire sets dedicated to themes, then spends days photographing his mini-masterpieces.

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