Striking Back

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Historian Norm Christie takes us to the battlefield where, on August 19, 1942, Britain and her Allies strike back at Adolf Hitler's Fortress Europe, by testing the defenses of his Atlantic Wall in a large-scale, sea-borne raid against the fortified French coastal town of Dieppe. Within a few hours, on Dieppe's beaches, 900 Canadians die. Thousands are taken prisoner. Liberation from the sea is now years away, the Allies concentrate on striking back at the Nazis from the air. Vividly re-living the bombing campaign, we follow Bomber Command recruit, rear-gunner Jim Moffat, as he signs up, survives one raid after another, and finally, miraculously, emerges as the only survivor from his crew.

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Striking Back

When, in 1940, Nazi Germany conquers Western Europe, Britain alone remains free - an isolated island off a Nazi-dominated continent. For Britain and her Allies, there are only two ways to strike back at Nazi Germany's Fortress Europe: from the...

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