Suggs' Italian Job

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Suggs, frontman of the British pop band Madness, takes a road trip through the heart and soul of Italy - a country close to his heart - in this lighthearted four-part series. Touring behind the wheel of a Mini Cooper, he calls in at Italy's most iconic cities and travels off the beaten track to find out more about its culture, heritage and creativity.

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Lakes, Mountains & La...

British musician Suggs visits one of the powerhouses of modern Italian design, celebrates the Italian love affair with the sports car, and meets Puccini's granddaughter at the most famous opera house in the world.

Violins & Villas

Suggs discovers the secrets of Stradivarius, follows the trail of the world's most famous lovers, and samples the delights of an early Palladian villa.

Canals & Carnivals

Our host explores the world's most romantic city, reveals Canaletto's cunning secret, has a driving lesson in a gondola and investigates the masked world of the annual carnival.

Michelangelo & The MAESTRO

Suggs has a singing lesson from the man who taught Pavarotti, goes underground to explore the quarries that inspired Michelangelo, and plays a 'Madness' classic with a very unusual rock band.

Frescoes & Football

Suggs explores one of Florence's unsung architectural treasures, investigates the origins of football and ice-cream, and has a close encounter with a 16th-century fresco.

Princesses & Piaggios

Our host takes a grand tour of Rome on a classic Vespa, discovers the film studios dubbed 'Hollywood on the Tiber', and pays a visit to the palace of a real-life princess.

Pizza & Puppets

Suggs takes a musical tour through the city where Caruso first sang, tries his hand at Neapolitan puppetry and dances a tarantella.

Journey's End

Suggs follows in the footsteps of the Godfather, goes wine-tasting halfway up a volcano and discovers a villa with a surprising hidden history.

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