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Discover the technological and science secrets behind the seemingly simple objects we use every day. This series uncovers extraordinary tales of ordinary things, including why chalk was added to toothpaste, how Pyrex (of cookware fame) was once used in wartime, and why there are over 30,000 types of light bulbs.

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Washing: Getting Clean

Investigates the science behind the morning washing ritual, and how chalk was added to toothpaste and aluminum to antiperspirant.

Lighting: Let There Be Light

The light bulb was an ingenious invention that became the recognized symbol of brilliant ideas. This episode explores the science of light and investigates why there are over 30,000 types of light bulbs to choose from.

Transporting: Getting Around

What do a pizza box, rocket ship, suitcase, plastic bag and pockets all have in common? They all transport things. We learn that on the surface, some of these objects seem to go together better than others.

Drinking: Cheers!

If you go three days without drinking fluids, your life will probably start to flash before your eyes. Fortunately, there are many drinks to choose from to keep you hydrated, and we've invented many methods to store and serve our drinks.

Eating: Eating...and Cooking

The science of cooking is unveiled. We explore how many kitchen tools were invented to suit another purpose, including Pyrex, which was used in wartime to help light the way for the railroads.

Walking: Watch Your Step

By the end of our lifetime, we will have walked enough distance to circle the globe four times. We'll explore the history of shoes and why some of us collect them and put them on display as objects of art.

Sleeping: Bedtime Stories

Explores the science of sleep, including how warm milk contains an amino acid that stimulates the "sleep hormone".

Cleaning: Spring Cleaning

Investigates the science of cleaning: how bleach kills germs and disinfects surfaces and how micro-fibre cloths catch dust particles.

Renovating: There's No...

Explores the science behind tools and products that help renovate a home, including how duct tape was invented during WWII to keep moisture out of the ammunition cases of American troops.

Knowledge: Pass It On