Wild at Heart

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They're burned-out workaholics, bored retirees, urban dwellers, and outdoor "un-enthusiasts". So why are they suddenly climbing mountains and whitewater kayaking? Meet a group of nature neophytes who crave a true wilderness experience but aren't sure how to get started. This exhilarating reality series challenges our budding adventurers to get off the couch and conquer their fears.

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Hiking the Juan de Fuca Trail

The hike is strenuous, but for a woman living with ALS and her husband, children, and best friend, it's a chance to spend time together and enjoy the gorgeous scenery.

Llama Trek in Kakwa

With the help of llamas carrying their gear, a challenging hike up Mount Ruth proves to be the start of a new life for the Hirvi family.

Snow Camping in Strathcona

They hike, ski, and snow camp together, and when one of them becomes injured, these four strangers come together in the most amazing way.

Biking Babine Mountain

Three feisty women pedal into the backcountry and along the way learn a few unfortunate lessons in gravity.

Climbing the Bugaboos

When severe thunderstorms and blizzards move in, survival becomes the main priority for four novice climbers.

Kayaking the Broughtons

After three days paddling the remote Broughton Archipelago in search of orcas, four budding adventurers find even more than they hoped for.

Canoeing Pitt Lake

A self-proclaimed "outdoor un-enthusiast", a journalism student, and two burned-out workaholics embark on a four-day canoe and camping trip.

Mountaineering in Garibaldi

Four outdoor neophytes test their limits as they scramble up scree slopes and scale steep glaciers in the Whistler backcountry.

River Kayaking in Wells Gray

Although nervous about the challenging rapids, a group of neophyte adventurers is determined to overcome their anxieties ... along with the white water.

Caving at Horne Lake

An expedition through the extraordinary Riverbend Cave tests four novice explorers' agility, stamina, concentration, and teamwork.

Biking Myra Canyon

A group of overworked city folk bike along the Kettle Valley railway beds, decimated by a forest fire in 2003.

Horse Riding in the Rockies

Rookie riders are treated to spectacular views, challenged by a treacherous scramble up some scree slopes, and rendered speechless at the sight of a pristine mountain lake.

Hiking Mount Robson

A strenuous hike along the grueling Berg Lake Trail pays off for a group of city slickers once they set foot on Robson Glacier.

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